Pangarchulla Trek

Pangarchulla Peak is a 5 days trek. It is in Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Located near Joshimath in Chamoli District.  Its difficulty level is moderate to difficult. Pangarchulla Peak’s height is around 4498 m (~14,700 ft).

It is winter trek. Day time temperature range is around 3°C to 10°C and night temperature range is around 1°C to -10°C.  Trek starts with greener terrain. It is initially covered with trees. But as you move higher, trees becomes lesser and lesser and snow starts to increase on trek. On the summit day most of the trek will be fully covered with Snow.  Trek is surrounded by beautiful mountains. On the way, views of Nandadevi Peak, Dronagiri Peak , Chaukhamba and many more can be seen.

We went there in the last week of December-2017. But I would say, best time to do this trek is probably around Feb, April. Because till Feb, April many boulders and paths will be fully covered with snow.

We had chosen 4 days itinerary. But in the end, it was a very bad idea. 
A word of advice for anyone reading this. DO NOT PLAN TO COMPLETE THIS TREK IN 4 DAYS. You should do it in 5-6 days time. If you have just 4 days time, then do Kuari Pass Trek instead and return via Auli. That would be more enjoyable option.

We had chosen Joshimath – Pangarchuall – Joshimath route via Dhak village. But there are alternate route also availabe,  Auli – Panguarchull – Joshimath and vice versa.

Day 1:  Joshimath to Gulling

Starts from Joshimath. Drive till Dhak village. Trek starts from there. Trek starts from around 2200 m and first day’s campsite is at around 2800 m. It is around 4-5 hrs of trek. Enjoy playing in snow around the campsite at the end of day’s trek.

Day 2: Gulling to Khullara

Treks starts from around 2800 m and Khullara campsite is around 3300 m. It is around 4-5 hrs of trek. Khullara campsite will be covered and surrounded by a lot of snow.  Enjoy making snowman and playing in snow at the campsite.

Day3: Khullara to Pangarchulla Peak and back 

Trek starts from around 3330 m and Pangarchulla Peak is around 4498 m. It is very long trek. Starts around 4 am in the morning in the subzero temperature and completes around 4-5 pm in the evening. Lot of snow is there on the trek. Some patches have boulders covered with snow.

Day4: Khullara to Joshimath

Return on the same route from which ascend was done in previous days. It is around 5-6 hrs descend to Dhak village. From there drive to Joshimath.

We had done  this trek through Renok Adventures. Our experience was not good regarding trek guides and management. So if you are planning this trek. Do not go via Renok Adventures, choose any other option.

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